How Salesforce experts post content on LinkedIn to go viral

August 22, 2023
3 min read
DA Ledger

Breaking down the qualities of a viral LinkedIn post so you can market your own Salesforce journey.

Have you ever wondered what makes content go viral in the Salesforce corner of LinkedIn?

Let's take a look at the post by Joseph Kubon, a Salesforce MVP and consultant at Capgemini, a IT services and consulting firm.

His post about becoming a Certified Business Analyst struck a chord with a lot of people:

You might be thinking: "But DA, I don't CARE about going viral! I just want to get a Salesforce job that I enjoy!"

I totally get it.

But let me ask you this: what Salesforce job options do you think Joseph has at his disposal?

If his employer were to go out of business tomorrow morning, he'd have a job offer to start somewhere else by tomorrow afternoon.

Why? He knows how to leverage LinkedIn to his advantage. In this case, it would be to secure him a new Salesforce job. If you're a Salesforce Developer, you might not be too concerned about getting another job. But if you're just starting out as an Admin, you might not have that privilege.

You don't have to become a Salesforce MVP to have something compelling to say on LinkedIn.

All it takes is running your experiences through the foundations of a powerful LinkedIn post, and the conviction to post about it on a consistent basis.

I hope you take some of my observations and use them to write posts that will resonate with your network. One day, they may open the door to a Salesforce opportunity you never thought was possible.

Why the post did well on LinkedIn

It's not that long: Clear and concise wins the race.

Salesforce Certifications stand out: 27x Salesforce Certified? Holy shit! I know he does all the side quests. The main take away I will have from this person is that he absolutely loves Salesforce. Let me read on.

Transformation sells: The progression from Business Analyst in 2012 to Salesforce certified professional to Certified Business Analyst reflects a lot of hard work and dedication. Nothing worth having ever comes easy. He also implies that Salesforce has changed his life for the better.

He tags those he's grateful for: He thanks and tags people and businesses that were vital in his journey, which increases the chances that those in his network will share, like, and comment on his posts.

He has a call-to-action: He is asking his network to take some time to coach someone, which drives more engagement on the post.

Asks a question: He asks John Frum, the chief strategy officer at Salesforce, to weigh in on his opinion of getting 21 certifications.

Shares a picture: Salesforce Certification posts in the Salesforce corner of LinkedIn can generate a lot of buzz.

#Hashtags: Hashtags improve search results, which increases the chances that his post will reach a larger audience besides his immediate network.

LinkedIn Posts to Market your Salesforce Journey

Don't have an idea of what to post about on LinkedIn? Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Show us your Flow: Did you build a cool proof-of-concept of something in a Salesforce Developer Org and want to show your network? Spin up that Developer org and share your screen while you narrate what business problems you're solving.

Did you finally beat that annoying Trailhead module? Write a short essay about your thought process from first reading the problem to finally solving it. If you had trouble solving it, I'm sure many others did too. They'll be grateful to see how someone thought about solving that pesky problem.

Avoid these mistakes: Did you do a Classic → Lightning project that went wrong? What can you share about the horrors of that project that will help others not make the same mistakes you made?

You're bettering your career: Employers like to see that you're doing something that'll advance your career. Getting certified, learning how to integrate other apps with Salesforce, or building Lightning Web Components will help you make an upward trend in your Salesforce knowledge.

Are you going to a Salesforce-related event? Dreamforce. TrailheaDX. Salesforce Saturdays. It doesn't matter. Share that you'll be attending these events, and you might find someone to meet up with and talk "Salesforce shop" while you're there.

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